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The Story of  the Kilombo de Pradinas, LLC

Kilombo de Pradinas, LLC was incorporated in 2017 as a Missouri limited liability company. The phrase Kilombo de Pradinas is special because it literally means prairie settlement in the Provençal and Kikongo languages.















Pradina means prairie in Provençal. The DePradine (Depradine) family are descendants of enslaved West Africans brought to work on the Caribbean island of Grenada. It is not known when the DePradine ancestors arrived on the island. It is known they were owned by the Pradine family who were white colonists from Berry, France.












Kilombo simply means settlement. In the Americas, particularly colonial Brazil, kilombos referred to runaway settlements inhabited by Africans fleeing mines and plantations. Possibly over half of the enslaved West Africans brought to France’s Caribbean colonies came from the Loango Coast in West Central Africa. Those people and their French enslavers referred to all deported people from the Loango Coast as Kongolese.

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Estampe tirée des Nouvelles vues perspectives des ports de France, dessinées pour le Roi par Nicholas Ozanne. 1776.
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