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A Family-Owned Kansas Meadery


Zydeco Meadery is a wine contractor partnering with the Louis Vieux Winery at Highland Community College's wine incubator called 456 Wineries.

Zydeco Meadery makes mead from from solely American honey.




Sunflower Delight

Dry - 12% alc/vol

A traditional bone dry mead made from nectar from wildflowers, soybean and clover. This honey made from bees living in southeastern Kansas helped to make a refreshing beverage with a clean, crisp finish.

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Kanza Cyser

Dry - 12% alc/vol

A cyser is a mead fermented from apple juice rather than water.  Sweet and bittersweet apples from Kansas, Missouri, and New York orchards were pressed and mixed with Kansas wildflower honey to make this crisp, dry mead.

Northern Berry Belle

Sweet - 12% alc/vol - 5° Brix

This a delightful mead made from New York raspberry blossom honey, Maine wild blueberries, and black tea.  You'll taste the beauty of the Northeast in every sip.

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Lavender Love

Sweet - 12% alc/vol - 5° Brix

This is a summery, light mead with a sweet floral finish.  Lavender Love is made with and sweetened with Kansas wildflower honey.  It should be enjoyed chilled, consumed with friends, and paired with rice dishes like jambalaya, chicken risotto, or arroz con pollo.

New England Cyser

Sweet - 9.5% alc/vol - 5° Brix


New England Cyser is a semisweet apple cyser made from raisins plus sweet and bittersweet apples. In colonial times, New England colonists added raisins to their fermented ciders to add tannins then sweetened the cider with molasses  Our versions features Japanese Bamboo honey to simulate the dark, candy flavors of molasses.

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Pottawatomie Gold

Sweet - 12% alc/vol - 5° Brix


Pottawatomie Gold is named after the county in which Zydeco Meadery is located in.  The wine is mixture of Traminette grape wine fermented on its skins and wildflower honey wine from South Louisiana.  Enjoy the citrusy flavored outdoors during a barbecue.



Sweet - 12% alc/vol - 7° Brix

Our hibiscus mead is based on a Trinidadian recipe created by the owner's grandmother, Ena Depradine.  Hibiscus mead is similar to drinks found in the Caribbean, the Mexican Gulf coast, northern South America, and West Africa called sorrel, bissap, flor de jamaica, sobolo, or zobo.  The seeds of the hibiscus plant (Hibiscus sabdariffa) were transported to the Americas in the hair of women during the Transatlantic Slave Trade.  This mead is made from hibiscus calyces, spices, ginger, and Kansas wildflower honey.

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Mass Memories

Sweet - 12% alc/vol - 5° Brix

Mass Memories is an homage to the owner's home state, Massachusetts.  It is made from cranberry blossom honey collected from Nantucket Island and sweetened with Massachusetts dark amber maple syrup from the Berkshire Mountains.  It should be enjoyed chilled and allow yourself to be transported to the breezy shores of Cape Cod.



Zydeco Meadery is produced at 456 Wineries, a wine incubator, located on the campus of Highland Community College (HCC).  The purpose of HCC's wine incubator is "help wineries begin operations, build clientele and inventory, and then eventually move on to become stand-alone wineries".


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